Hillside Villas Queenstown

Using KNX building control system backbone across all four units, Zennio keypads ensure a minimalistic look and feel to the walls.   This is further accentuated by having the thermostatic control and temperature sensors built into the keypads to reduce wall clutter.  In the ensuites – a single wall switch and a humidity sensor controls all of the functions of a modern bathroom – undertile heating, mirror demister, fan and lighting.

Centralised control of the units using an app (tablet, smart phone and PC web browser) for daily control requirements (A/C & undertile adjustments, lighting and shading).

Door sensors so that if a sliding door is opened and the aircon/wall heater is on, and the door is left open for more than 2 minutes, the aircon/wall heater will switch off.  It will then switch back on once the sliding door is closed. Client has remote access to the property and is able to liven up a property based on occupancy, and can switch everything off when there is a gap between bookings.


Bramin Design Ltd


Bridget Murphy


Jimmy Dunne


Kent Wilkins Electrical

Client Brief

- Centralised control of lighting, heating and shading.
- All utility areas and bathrooms to be driven by sensors.
- Energy efficiency through smart controls to ensure nothing is left on unnecessarily.

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