Lake Hayes Home

The brief from the client was to deliver a modern European minimalistic look for their extensive Lakeside renovation project.

With this in mind, the Basalte flush-mounted solution was chosen, which allowed us to flush mount night lights, sensors, finger-print scanners and ipads into the various finishing surfaces of the property – plasterboard, timber, steel and tile.

Along with this, we provided invisible plaster finish speakers in many of the rooms to deliver stunning audio without seeing where the speakers are located.

The architects and clients had a very creative synergy which led to the development of themed rooms and unique features requiring tailored design. As this is a project that grew and evolved we needed a technology solution that was capable of meeting these additional requirements. Therefore KNX technology, along with Basalte Home, was used to control the heating & cooling, shading, access control, audio and the various types of lighting technology supplied (DALI, 1-10V, DMX, RGB and phase cut dimming) and presented them onto an easy to use interface.

The end result is stunning, with the light-art pieces in the home interacting with the KNX controlled lighting along with modern technologies discretely installed throughout the home.

The end result is stunning, and makes for a very contemporary modern home and is very symbiotic to the clients’ way of living.


Anna-Marie Chin Architects


Anna-Marie Chin Architects & ECC Lighting


Nevis Group


Queenstown Electric

Client Brief

- Centralised control of heating, cooling and shading.
- Clean architectural finish.
- Integrated intercom system and access control into building control system.
- Remotely-triggered heating scenes through phone/tablet app.
- Whole-home security and CCTV for peace of mind.