Our Services

Managing your project’s requirements, from initial concept and design, through to completion and delivery; incuding post-project service and support, which will keep your installation up-to-date with the latest technology as trends develop and change.


We work closely with architects, designers and suppliers to deliver a fully integrated lighting experience. The clever use of sensors and time-clock based events increase efficiency and aesthetic appeal and our bespoke wall-switch collections create a truly luxurious experience.

Heating & Cooling

Truly integrated HVAC will allow for different systems to complement each other and be simple to use. We can control many hot-water systems in conjunction with forced-air so that the switch from heating to cooling is achieved by the touch of a button. In addition, we provide heat-protection such as electric window-opening for flushing out the heat – great for rooms with pitched ceilings that have a build-up of heat at the apex.


Shading should be discrete and effective. Working with our shading partners, we deliver premium shading solutions with the quietest motors and widest range of fabrics. We utilise sun-protection, using the shading to minimise damage to surfaces and items within the building.

Integration & Automation

It has to work together. Each area of building technology has to be complementary and a cohesive part of the same system. We take a step back and look at the interaction of all of the subsystems and pride ourselves in delivering the ultimate technology experience in the building.