Te Toka, Jacks Point Preserve

High-performance luxury holiday home overlooking Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown.

The brief for Te Toka (The Rock) was to compliment the passive house qualities of the design with discrete heating, cooling and shading controls, whilst simultaneously ensuring that the privacy is reinforced by security, access control and CCTV systems.

Using the Zennio KNX multi-function wall thermostats, users are able to easily adjust the underfloor heating and multi-stage fan-coil cooling systems in any zone, as well as control the motorised blinds from the same location. Matching floor probes monitor the slab temperature and ensure protection for the wooden floors from overheating.

The centralised GIRA touch screen interfaces, with their clean, modern look add further points of control including the entry gate and front door video communication and door control system.

To top it off, whole-home WiFi and all-in-one smart remote controls for the entertainment system provide a high level of convenience to guests during their stay at the property.


Rafe McClean Architects


Sue Naumann Designs


DCD Construction


Queenstown Electric

Client Brief

- Centralised control of heating, cooling and shading.
- Clean architectural finish.
- Integrated intercom system and access control into building control system.
- Remotely-triggered heating scenes through phone/tablet app.
- Whole-home security and CCTV for peace of mind.

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