Villa Rosa, Millbrook

High-spec permanent residence in Millbrook, Arrowtown.

By using the KNX building control system, we were able to utilize the Basalte wall switches and controllers, as well as matching nightlights which ensures a minimalistic look and feel to the walls. This is further accentuated by having the thermostatic control and temperature sensors built into the keypads to reduce wall clutter.

Centralised control of the whole house using an app (tablet, smart phone and PC web browser) for daily control requirements (A/C & underfloor adjustments, gas fire control, lighting and shading).

Scheduled events – gate opening and closing at certain times of the day (only when the house is in Home mode), west facing blinds closing at 4pm for sun protection, Loggia skylights open automatically in the afternoon if the room is over 27˚C (and will either not open, or close automatically if it is raining), towel rails come on twice a day for a few hours to warm/dry the towels.

Night mode, when activated from the client’s bedside, changes the behavior of the lighting sensors to only trigger the nightlights. Day mode is then reactivated at 10am unless executed before by the homeowner.

Holiday mode turns off all of the lights, closes the blinds and curtains and retracts the awning, along with turning off gas fires and other controlled devices. The heating goes into frost protection mode and all schedules are postponed until the house is put into Home mode. Lastly, a 5 minute delay on closing the gate is executed to allow the homeowners to exit the property smoothly.


Haden Emslie Architects


Sue Naumann Designs


Trinity Construction


Alpine Electric

Client Brief

- Centralised control of lighting, heating and shading.
- All utility areas and bathrooms to be driven by sensors.
- Clean architectural finish.
- Home, Away and Holiday modes at the push of a button.
- Guest Wing on/off scenes.

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